Vehicle Engineering

(Majoring in Automotive Engineering or New-Energy-Powered Vehicles)

Course Code:080207

The Objective

The Course of Vehicle Engineering (majoring either in Automotive Engineering or New-Energy-Powered Vehicles) is designed to cultivate students with theories and skills, knowledge and technology in the area of vehicle engineering and develop students to be an engineer who is specialised in auto-engineering. 

Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities

Students who complete the Course will be able to understand and apply the theories and skills to vehicle engineering, practise in the design and manufacture of auto parts, the production management of automobile enterprises, the arrangement for automobile repair and production, as well as automobile product trade, and  become a qualified engineering to work in the automobile manufacturing and services industries.  


The Course contains theories and practices, knowledge and skills, technology and standards in automobile manufacturing and services industries, specifically auto-mechanics, auto manufacturing and auto services. The Course is of 4-year duration. 

Core Units

For the major in vehicle engineering (automobile engineering): Engineering Drawing and CAD; Engineering Mechanics and CAE; Mechanical Design; Modern Automobile Manufacturing Technology; Electrical and Electronic Technology; Automobile Structure; Electric vehicle; Theorectical Principles of Engine and Automobile; Automotive Electrical and Electronic Control Technology; Automobile Detection and Diagnosis Technology; Automobile Design; Automatic Control Technology 

For the major in vehicle engineering (new-energy vehicle): Advanced Mathematics; Engineering Mathematics; Fundamental Mechanics; Electronic Technology; Computer Technology; Power Electronics Technology; Automobile Structure; Electric Vehicle Structure; Automotive Electrical and Electronic Control Technology; Battery and Battery Management; Automatic Control Technology; Motor; Computer Control Technology; Vehicle-loaded Networking Technology. 


The Course is delivered in lectures, tutorials, workshops, and practicum laboratories in the first 3 years on-campus and internship in the fourth year in companies off-campus or abroad.   


The Course will be assessed by progressive learning tasks, final examination and graduation thesis/dissertation.


Bachelor of Engineering will be awarded to those who meet the requirements of graduation. 

Career Prospects

Graduates could seek a career in the automobile industry in the areas of automobile and auto-parts manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automobile maintenance, auto or auto-parts sales or in the areas of manufacturing for electric vehicles, modern automobile and its accessories, mechanical and electrical products manufacturing, automobile maintenance, auto and accessories sales