Course Code: 050209

The Objective

The Course of Korean Language is designed to cultivate students with global vision, comprehensive theorecical knowledge and applied skills of Korean language in the area of international trade business, interpreting and translation business, and teaching and develop students to be a professional practitioner of Korean language. The Course is articulated with those of a number of Korean universities where students could study 2 years in China and 2 years in Korea to acquire two Bachelor degrees either in Korean language either/or business.

Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities

Students who complete the course will be able to  acquire the linguistic theories and applied skills in using Korean language and proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation of Korean language, understand theories and skills in international business and cross-border e-commerce, and obtain skills in computer software processing and office administration along with the applied skills of Korean language.  


The Course contains linguistics and grammar of Korean language, Korean history and culture, applied skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation and knowledge of international business including e-commerce. The Course is of 4-year duration. 

Core Units:

The Course offers two majors in either business or translation. Core Units are: Introduction to Korean, Basic Korean, Intermediate Korean, Advanced Korean, Listening in Korean, Conversational Korean, Audiovisual in Korean, Reading in Korean, Writing in Korean,  Korean Grammar, Integration of Reading, Writing & Translation, History of Korean Literature, Korean Society and Culture, Korean-Chinese translation Theory and Practice, Phonetics of Korean, Business Correspondence in Korean, International Trade Theories and Practice, E-commerce, Cross-border e-Commerce.


The course is delivered in lectures, tutorials, workshops, and practicum laboratories in the first 3 years on-campus and internship in the fourth year in companies off-campus or abroad.   


The Course  will be assessed by progressive learning tasks, final examination and graduation thesis/dissertation.


Bachelor of  Arts is awarded to those who meet the requirements of graduation .

Career Prospects

Graduates could seek a career in occupations of Business Secretory, Customer Service, International Trade, Korean translation, Cross-border e-Commerce in office or companies of foreign affairs, finance, culture, tourism.

Students with the Korean Consulate General in Guangzhou (the front center)

Faculty of Foreign Languages