Urban and Rural Planning

Course Code: 082802

The Objective 

The Course of Urban and Rural Planning is designed to cultivate students with theories, regulations, practices and skills in the area of urban and rural planning and develop students to be a professional urban and rural planner.

Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities

Students who complete the Course will be able to understand and appreciate the theories and practices, comply with regulations, undertake operations, and apply skills to solve problems in urban and rural planning.


The Course contains theories, practices, regulations, operational approaches, BIM technology, and applied skills for problem solving as well as practicum and internships opportunities on campus and off campus in relation to urban planning, urban design and management, planning consultation, real estate development, urban road traffic planning, urban municipal engineering and planning, urban ecological planning, and public garden and recreation planning. The Course is of 5-year duration. 

Core Units 

First Year: Introduction to Urban and Rural Planning, Architectural Drawing I, Architectural Drawing II, Chinese and Foreign Histories of Urban Development and Planning, Residential Architecture, Architectural Sketching and Color

Second Year: Principles of Urban Planning, Principles of Residential Design, Principles of Public Architecture Design, Construction Drawing, Architectural Drawing and CAD, Architectural Physics, Mechanics of Architecture, Building Line Drawing, Hand Drawing and Mapping 

Third Year: Urban Residential Planning and Design of Urban Road and Traffic, Urban Design, Urban Green Space Planning, Urban Economics, Control-Detailed Planning, Architectural Structure, Engineering Measurements, Graphic Image Processing, Computer-aided Design I 

Fourth Year: Regional Planning, Urban Engineering Planning, Urban Overall Planning, Urban Renewal and Historical Protection, Design and Expression of Urban Planning, Urban Geography, Landscape Planning and Design, Urban Geographic Information System, and Software Application 

Fifth Year: Business Research, Production Practice, Graduation practice, Graduation Thesis


The Course is delivered in lectures, tutorials, workshops, and practicum laboratories in the first 4 years on-campus and internship in the fifth year in companies off-campus or abroad.   


The Course will be assessed by progressive learning tasks, final examination and graduation thesis/dissertation.


Bachelor of Engineering will be awarded to those who meet the requirements of graduation. 

Career Prospects 

Graduates could seek a career in the industries of new urban development, old urban transformation, construction of environment and landscape, the companies of urban and rural planning, for instance, residential planning and design, public center planning and design, tourism scenic area planning and design, protection planning and design of historical relics and historic sites and the government departments of urban and rural planning.