Information Management and Information System

Course Code: 120102

The Objective 

The Course of Information Management and Information System is designed to cultivate students with theories and practices, knowledge and skills, regulations and standards in the area of applying computer science and technology, to management.

Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities

Students who complete the Course is able to master theoretical knowledge and practical skills of information management and information systems, are familiar with information management and information system analysis and design, have the ability of information collection and arrangement in the field of information management, and possess a relatively strong ability of development and maintenance of information management and computer information system.


The Course contains the tailored programming, website design, database management system design, computer network maintenance, enterprise information management system development, computer network administration, ERP simulation, enterprise information collection and preparation.

Core Units

First Year: English, Economic Mathematics, Probability Theory, Management, Economics, Programing, Web Design, Tailored Programming

Second Year: Statistics, Information Management, Data Structure, JAVA WEB Development, Computer Network, Database Theory and Application, Management Information System, Information System Engineering;

Third Year: Operations Research, SPSS Software Analysis and Application, Information System Analysis and Design, Web Server Configuration and Management, Information Retrieval, Information Resource Management, Information Security, Information Economics, ERP Principles and Applications, E-Commerce, Internet Marketing and Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain, Information Policy and Regulations

Fourth Year: Business Research, Production Practice, Graduation Practice, Graduation Thesis


The Course is delivered in lectures, tutorials, workshops, and practicum laboratories in the first 3 years on-campus and internship in the fourth year in companies off-campus or abroad.   


The Course will be assessed by progressive learning tasks, final examination and graduation thesis/dissertation.


Bachelor of Management will be awarded to those who meet the requirements of graduation. 

Career Prospects

Graduates could seek a career in information management, e-commerce,  data analysis, information system design, information system implementation, management and testing of information system at information centers and network centers of government departments, financial institutions, industrial and commercial enterprises, research institutes, computer network companies and software companies.