Logo and Motto

The school badge of Guangdong Baiyun University consists of three elements: the school name, the establishment time, and the logo. The logo in the middle is composed of the two characters "Baiyun". It is written in seal script. The upper part of "Bai" looks like a crown, while the lower part of "Yun" is like a tripod, which implies that the school adheres to the educational purpose of discarding the old ways of life in favor of the new, and changing with the times. It symbolizes the prosperous development of Baiyun education and its eternal record in history.

The school badge is in two colors, blue and white. White comes from Baiyun, while blue comes from the blue sky and the sea, indicating that the school has an open mind, a broad sentiment, a global perspective on running a school, and an international educational philosophy.


“Dunpin Lixue, Qiushi Duxing" (Cultivating Character, Encouraging Learning, Seeking Truth, and Practicing with Determination) emphasizes the importance of fostering moral integrity, pursuing rigorous academic endeavors, seeking truth and knowledge, and applying these principles with steadfastness and resolve in one's actions and conduct. It encourages individuals to cultivate their character, strive for academic excellence, pursue truth, and put these values into practice in their daily lives.