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Ji Wenbo College of International Fashion Design, recognized as a Provincial Modern Industrial College, is a joint venture between Guangdong Baiyun University and renowned fashion designer Ji Wenbo. Mr. Ji, a double award winner of both Milan's "Golden Top Award" — Italy's highest fashion accolade — and China's top fashion design award, brings immense credibility and expertise to our institution.

The college currently offers three undergraduate courses: Clothing Design and Engineering (recognized as a top-tier major in Guangdong, and one of only three such courses in the province), Clothing and Accessory Design, and Performance (specializing in Fashion Shows). Aligning closely with global fashion trends, our college explores the unique demands of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area's cultural and economic markets, thereby shaping an international and innovative talent training program. For years, we have successfully graduated thousands of high-end fashion industry professionals, who now play pivotal roles in areas like smart fashion design, brand management, intelligent clothing manufacturing, and exhibition communications. This ensures a seamless integration between our talent pipeline and the fashion industry chain in the Greater Bay Area, invigorating local economic and social progress.

Our faculty comprises esteemed designers from around the globe and individuals who've made significant contributions to China's textile and apparel industry. Their wealth of academic knowledge and practical experience provides our students with cutting-edge design concepts and hands-on guidance.

Furthermore, the college boasts the Dawan District Fashion Industrialization Application Industry-Education Integration Practice Teaching Base, a prestigious provincial-level facility that offers invaluable practical learning opportunities for students. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including the Buluowei 3D Digital Fashion Design Center, Chunxiao IE Fashion Intelligent Management Center, and JACK Fashion Engineering Manufacturing Center, this base ensures our students are exposed to the latest innovations in the field. Additionally, our partnerships with leading fashion enterprises like SHEIN and Huimei Group have established multiple practical teaching centers, allowing students to gain real-world experience.

Our faculty has achieved numerous teaching and research accolades, including national and provincial teaching awards. They've led several Ministry of Education initiatives, set provincial fashion design standards, and contributed to numerous textbooks and research publications. Their efforts have also resulted in multiple invention and utility model patents, as well as the creation of several provincial-level first-class courses and quality resource courses.

Both our students and faculty have consistently excelled in various design competitions, including the National Industrial Design Skills Competition, China Fashion Design Teacher and Student Works Competition, and others, bringing home numerous gold and silver awards.

Thanks to its exceptional teaching standards, renowned faculty, and impressive research outcomes, Ji Wenbo College of International Fashion Design has become a leading talent hub for the fashion industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. We remain committed to innovation, openness, and collaboration, continuously striving to enhance our teaching and research capabilities, while strengthening industry partnerships to cultivate outstanding talent and drive fashion industry growth.

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