About Us

In 2024, our school signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading company in the industry. Under this agreement, we have established three majors that integrate industry and education: Computer Science and Technology (Huawei Kunpeng Cloud Innovation Class), Telecommunications Engineering (Huawei 5G Innovation Class), and Internet of Things Engineering (Huawei Hongmeng Innovation Class).

Adhering to the educational philosophy that emphasizes cooperation between school and enterprise, integration of industry and education, collaborative education efforts, and a focus on innovative development, we have adopted a cooperative mechanism featuring talent co-cultivation, process co-management, achievement sharing, and responsibility sharing. Together, we are building an industrial college dedicated to reforming and implementing a deeply integrated talent training model that utilizes collaborative approaches in teaching, educating, employment, and innovation. Our ultimate goal is to nurture high-quality, practically-oriented talents who possess both a sense of national pride and proficiency in cutting-edge technological skills.

Drawing upon Huawei's vast experience in cultivating ICT talents, we have collaboratively devised a comprehensive talent development program that incorporates systematic and well-established practical training methodologies along with robust school-enterprise cooperation. We have set up a state-of-the-art, standardized, and practical ICT training environment coupled with a curriculum system that emphasizes practical theories and hands-on operations. By integrating the latest ICT technological applications into our teaching methodology, we are not only strengthening the bridge between industry and education but also actively contributing to the development of the ICT talent ecosystem.

Together, we have established an industry-education integration experimental base designed to ensure seamless alignment between laboratory equipment and the curriculum system. This comprehensive setup includes a Hongmeng full-stack development laboratory, Huawei Kunpeng cloud application laboratory, 5G full-network communication laboratory, VUE international examination and certification center, as well as a digital technology exhibition hall. These facilities facilitate a smooth transition between academic teaching and practical enterprise applications, thereby enhancing students' skillsets and elevating the quality of classroom instruction.