Faculty of Social and Public Management

Faculty of Social and Public Management offers 3 undergraduate programs majoring in Social Work, Human Resources Management and Applied Psychology. 

The major of Social Work aims to cultivate graduates who bear the professional values of “people-orientation, helping others help themselves” and who have solid theorectical foundation and skilled practical knowledge in the area of social work.

The major of Human Resources Management cultivates the graduates who have good professional ethics, comprehensive qualities to be a business manager who have innovation consciousness and master the basic theories and knowledge of economics, management, labor laws and regulations, as well as human resource management,  who have the basic skills of human resource management and labor management, and  who are familiar with modern human resource management techniques and tools, and have the ability to analyze and solve practical problems of human resource management.

The major of Applied Psychology cultivatesa graduates who master the techniques in counseling and therapy, group psychological counseling and psychological evaluation technology, and who have expertise in psychological consultation, community psychological services.

The Faculty has 24 academic staff members, of whom, 12 are endowed with senior technical titles, and 12 with intermediate titles. Three academics are of a doctorate degree, and 15 of a master degree, altogether accounting for 75% of the total. 

In recent years, the Faculty has made great achievements in being nominated as “the Best Team in 2012” by the University. One academic was nominated as ”Excellent Academic in South Guangdong Province”, eight academics were awarded as ”the Best Academic” by the University, and six academics were prized as “the Principal  Middle-Young-Aged Academics” by the University.

The Faculty adheres to the education principle of ”combining theory with practice, and, for this purpose, laboratories are established with clearly distinguished  professional function. They are used as on-campus teaching and experimental laboratories, for instance, for social work, human resources management and applied psychology where case-study workstations, physical and mental assessment softwares, Aopai Enterprise Human Resources Management Simulation System, and psychological sand-table teaching softwares are adopted to enhance the quality of practice teaching. 

The Faculty makes all efforts in employing various social resources by undertaking in-depth co-operations with various enterprises. Guangzhou Baiyun District Tianxing Social Work Service Center was established in June 2012, which offers services directly to the community of Jianggao Town in Baiyun District nearby the  University, and provides a platform for practicum programs for the social work major. In total, the Faculty has developed partnerships with more than 20 enterprises in terms of practicum bases and the “industry-university-association cooperation bases”, including Guangzhou Volunteers’ Union, Guangzhou Hengfu Social Work Organization, Baiyun Mental Hospital and Haiyin Group, so that the professional practicum resources satisfy the needs of the professional teaching. The development of discipline majors, courses and practicums is listed as the Faculty’s priority along with diversified teaching methods and strict assessment system being  in place to maintain strong competitiveness with and influences over the counterpart faculties and their majors in other universities. The graduate employment rate with suited jobs exceeds 90% in the Faculty.

In recent years, the Faculty has made outstanding achievements in academic research, having completed one project funded by the National Social Science Union, one project funded by Guangdong Social Science Union, one project funded by Guangdong Education Department, two projects funded by Guangzhou Social Science Union, one project funded by the University and three projects funded by other financial sources. The academics have published 33 papers, and 5 provincial project papers.

The Faculty adheres to the education principle of “cultivating students with social practical ability”, whereby the students have frequently participated in and gained prizes in various kinds of social activities, for instance, the Award of Innovative Case Study held by the Ideological and Political Section of Education Ministry in 2013, the Second Prize for the Best Essays in China’s Fifth Social Work Forum, Five-Star Volunteers Award in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Excellence Case Study for Social Work , Guangdong University Students’ Innovative Entrepreneurial Projects and Guangdong University Students Challenge Cup, etc. Academics have successively published academic papers in Journal of Chongqing University of Industry and Commerce, the Paper Collection of Guangdong Social Work Forum, Guangdong Baiyun Journal, and the Journal of Commercial Economy, etc.

The Faculty maintains close ties with with education institutions at home and abroad. So far, the Faculty have established cooperation and exchange relations with many universities and academic institutions in United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions and runs an international program of Social Work in cooperation with North Alabama University of USA.