Digital Media

Course Code: 130508

The Objective

The Course of Digital Media is designed to cultivate students with sound theories and  professional knowledge and advanced practical skills in the area of digital media and develop students to be a professional digital media operator.

Knowledge, Skills and Capabilities

Students who complete the course will be able to understand and appreciate the theories and practices, apply practical skills and technologies, adopt professional ethics and standards in design digital media. 


The Course contains theories and practices, skills and technologies, standards and ethics in the discipline of digital media as well as a real process from design, planning, development, operation and management of digital  media. The Course is of 4-year duration.


Core Units: Digital Photography and Video, Digital Image Processing, Digital Drawing, Graphic Design, Display Design, Information Art Design, New-Media-based Advertising Design, Web Design and Production, E-commerce Interface Beautification, Interactive Network Design, Network Film and Television Creation, 3D Design, Virtual Reality Design, Network Animation Design, Mobile Interaction Interface Design

Practicum Units: 1) On-campus practicum: Graphic and Image Processing, Digital Drawing, 2D Animation Design, Web Page Production, Film and TV Design, Web-based Multimedia Design, 3D Animation Design, Mobile Application Design. 2) Enterprise Practicum: Production (Professional) Practice, Graduation Practice, Graduation Project (Thesis).


The course is delivered in lectures, tutorials, workshops, and practicum laboratories in the first 3 years on-campus and internship in the fourth year in companies off-campus or abroad.   


The Course  will be assessed by progressive learning tasks, final examination and graduation thesis/dissertation.


Bachelor of  Arts is awarded to those who meet the requirements of graduation .

Career Prospects

Graduates could seek a career in web design, film or video or animation production, graphic design, e-commerce visual design, online shop beautification, mobile App interface design, advertising design, publishing design, multimedia display design and they could  teach digital media in vocational colleges.

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