Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering offers 7 undergraduate programs majoring in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (with minors in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing or Precision Manufacturing Technology or Mold Digital Design and Manufacturing), Material Forming and Control Engineering (with minors in Mold Digital Design and Manufacturing or 3D Printing Technology), Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (with a minor in Mechatronics Technology), Robot Engineering (with a minor in Artificial Intelligence Equipment and Technology), Industrial Engineering (with a minor in Industrial Engineering Management), Vehicle Engineering (with minors in Automotive Engineering or Automotive New Energy), Automotive Service Engineering (with minors in Automotive Marketing or Automotive Testing and Maintenance) .

The Faculty has 54 professional academics, of whom there are 17 professors, associate professors and senior engineers and 7 academics with doctoral degrees;  there are more than 70% of academics who have masters degrees and more than 60% who have both academic and professional qualifications and there are 5 academics who are qualified as doctoral student supervisors and masters student supervisors; there are 8 academics as nominated as the principal middle-young-aged academics; and there are many academics who have received awards for “National Advanced workers (model workers)”, “National Model Teachers”, “National ‘May 1st’ Labour Day Medal Winners”, “The Outstanding Teachers in Guangdong Province”, “the Provincial Outstanding Teachers In Private Educational Institutions”, “National Technical Experts”, “Technical Experts in Guangdong Province”, of whom there are some who won the Third-Place Awards in the Young Teachers Competition.

In 2016, the discipline of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation was nominated  and funded by the Provincial Government as the key discipline for development in Guangdong Province, with two majors in the artificial intelligence equipment and robot engineering and the digital design and manufacturing. The discipline of Vehicle Engineering was nominated and funded by the University as one of the key disciplines for development in the University. Now, the Faculty has gradually developed itself with strong characteristics in artificial intelligence equipment and robots, mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE, metal carving technology, mold digital design and manufacturing, automotive engineering and new energy in manufacturing.

The Faculty owns two provincial experimental teaching centers: one for mechanical engineering and the other for automotive engineering as well as the engineering research and development center, two research laboratories, and one student mechanical innovation center. In 2016, the collaborative education base for artificial intelligence in manufacturing application was selected and funded by the Guangdong Provincial Government as the collaborative innovation provincial platform in Guangdong Province .

The Faculty owns more than 2,000 sets of teaching and research equipment, dozens of various types of engineering design software, thus holding the total assets of more than 60 million. The experiment and training sites on-campus cover an area of more than 10,000 square meters. Adhering to the principles of the integration of production and education and of the University-Industry collaborative education, the Faculty has signed the cooperation agreements with dozens of enterprises, including the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Research and Development Centers with Guangdong Lishunyuan Artificial Intelligence Automation Co., Ltd., the Guangdong Baiyun University & Boland Robots Institute and the Artificial Intelligence Equipment Research Institute with Guangdong Boland Artificial Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd., the Guangdong Baiyun University & Beijing Fine Art Institute with Beijing Carving Co., Ltd, Dongguan Branch, and the Faculty of Arts and Designs, the Guangdong Baiyun University & FOMTEC Machinery R & D Center with FOMTEC Machinery (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd, the Abundance Iron Pressors (Guangzhou) Company with Taiwan Research Hua Baoyuan Co., Ltd., the Guangdong Baiyun University & Baoyuan Advatech NC System Laboratory with Taiwan Baoyuan Advatech Co., Ltd.. All the equipments are donated by enterprises with total value of more than 13 million.

The Faculty have established partnerships with Purdue University North West of USA , Edith Cowan University and West Sydney University of Australia and Wellington Institute of Technology of New Zealand in credit transfer arrangements for the 2+2 undergraduate programs in mechatronics engineering where students could study for 2 years in China dna 2 years abroad to acquire two degrees from partner universities and the Faculty.  

In recent years, the Faculty has been engaged in more than 7 projects funded by  provincial governments and ministries, more than 30 research projects funded by companies, 23 teaching and research projects funded by the University and it has gained 8 national patents.

The students of the Faculty took active part in various scientific and technological competitions and make great achievements in 2016 when the students won the Third Prize in CADC China International Air Vehicle Design Challenge Finals, National Aerospace Model Championship, National Finals of Research Category, and the Second Prize of South China in the same Competition. The students also made good performance in other competitions, such as “China International Aircraft Design Challenge”, “National University Students Renesas Super MCU Model Car Contest”, “China Education Robot Competition”, “National ‘Freescale Cup’ Smart Car Race”, “ ‘Challenge Cup’ National College Students Extracurricular Academic Works Competition on Science and Technology ”, “ National Three  Dimensional Digital Innovation Design Competition”, and “Guangdong Province Machinery Innovation Design Competition” and other events. In all those events mentioned above, the students won 6 “First Prize”, 6 “Second Prize”, and 10 “Third Prize”. Such glories are a kind of reflection that the students of the Faculty are good not only at studying, but also having the courage and wills to innovate.