Faculty of International Programs

The Faculty of International Programs is a special faculty which focuses on the delivery of double-degree international programs in cooperation with universities abroad. The Faculty has also a function to promote the internationalisation of education across the University by adopting the world’s advanced educational ideas, internationally accepted education standards and globally available quality education resources through international cooperative programs with an aim to develop students to be professionals that are up to the world qualifications where they would receive both Chinese and foreign educational qualifications, master both Chinese and foreign  languages, be familiar with both Chinese and foreign cultures and obtain both Chinese and foreign professional qualifications.

The Faculty is headed by Professor Shen Gensheng who has had an established  international academic career and experiences in international education. Professor Shen has a bachelor degree in English from Peking University, a masters degree in Economics from La Trobe University in Australia and a Ph.D in Economics from Federation University in Australia. He has engaged in teaching and research in the discipline of economics at a number of universities in Australia. He is a Professor of Economics and has served as the Dean of the Faculty of International College of Edith Cowan University in Australia and has dedicated himself to the field of international education and international cooperation for more than 20 years. The Faculty has an international team of all academics who have both Chinese and foreign educational qualifications and who are able to teach in bilingual mode. In addition, the Faculty often invites visiting foreign professors abroad to teach or deliver seminars for students.

The faculty offers International undergraduate programs majoring in Accounting (Edith Cowan University, Australia), International Business (Edith Cowan University, Australia), Marketing (Federation University, Australia)and Business Administration (Midwest State University, USA) as well as a diploma program of High National Diploma (HND) of UK. Students in the Faculty could study 2 or 3 years in China and study 2 years or 1 year abroad to acquire two bachelor degrees or two diplomas. All international programs in the Faculty are delivered in a bilingual mode and by using international textbooks.

The Faculty manages more than 40 international programs including “Double-Bachelor Degree Programs”, “Bachelor-Master Degree Programs” and “Bachelor-Master-PhD Programs” across the University in cooperation with 25 foreign universities in 10 countries. They are University of Plymouth, University of Northampton, University of Greenwich, University of Middlesex, University of Sunderland, University of Chichester in UK; Munich University of Applied Languages in Germany; Midwestern State University, Purdue University Northwest, North Alabama in USA; Algonquin College in Canada;Edith Cowan University, University of Newcastle West Sydney University and Federation University in Australia; Wellington Institute of Technology in New Zealand; Busan Kyung Hee University, Hanyang University, the Foreign Language University, the Wonkwang University, Hunan University, Hoseo University and Ulsan University in South Korea; Okayama Shoka University and Hokkaido Bunkyo University in Japan; the SEGi Universities College in Malaysia, and Thai Chamber of Commerce University in Thailand.

The Faculty has “Foreign Languages Center” which is responsible for the management and delivery of teaching and training in English, Japanese, Korean and German languages required for international programs or short-training courses and runs “Pearson Academic English Testing PTE Center” and “Pearson Academic English Training Center” to provide English testing and training services to students on-campus and off-campus.

The Faculty has ”International Education Center” which is responsible for managing teaching operations for international programs not only in the Faculty but also in other faculties across the University through 4 divisions: Asia and Pacific Division for Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, North American Division for USA and Canada,Division for Australian and New Zealand, and Europe Division for UK and Germany.  

The Faculty has “Study Abroad Services Center” to provide students with timely, accurate and complete information, advices and services on overseas studies, academic tours and practicum programs,

The Faculty has an enrolment of more than 400 students, of which more than 200 are undergraduate students and more than 200 diploma students. Over the years the Faculty has graduated more 2,000 students, and the number of students who have been studying abroad for double bachelor degrees is more than 200 students. The Faculty is committed to cultivating the professionals with both international standards and vision and is highly regarded by employers for its high quality graduates. The Faculty provides “Study Abroad Scholarships” to students who are qualified to study abroad.