Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Foreign Languages offers four undergraduate programs majoring in English, Japanese, Korean and German and provides teaching of college English for all students in the University. The Faculty aims to develop graduates as applied professionals of foreign languages to Chinese enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises and other relevant enterprises in the Guangdong province. 

The Faculty has an enrolment of 2,072 students and has graduated, until now, more than 10,000 students working in the business and foreign trade industries in the Pear River Delta region and overseas. From 2010 to 2016, The Faculty’s graduate employment rate remains at 98% or over, thus having received both high  employment rates and high employment satisfaction rates.

The Faculty has a faculty of more than 100 academic staff members who have both teaching experience and practical experience in business environment, of whom, there are 15% (11) of academics holding professor and associate professor titles, 79.5% of academics with lecturer titles or  masters degrees, and 5% of academics are part-time academics from enterprises who are senior executives or qualified with certificates of advanced profession. Almost two-thirds of academics have received a variety of professional and vocational training at home and abroad or have advanced their education qualifications overseas study (with double degrees from China and abroad). The Faculty has 10 foreign academics who are on long-term contract, respectively from Japan, South Korea, UK, the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries.

The Faculty has built up strong strength in both academic and teaching research. In recent years, we have undertaken or are undertaking 7 research projects supported by the provincial government, 21 research projects supported by companies , and 25 research projects supported by the University. There published 2 academic papers per person per year. The disciplines of strong research strength lie in linguistics, literature, translation theories, foreign language teaching and business foreign languages.

The Faculty adheres to the curriculum design focusing on “high quality teaching” and “developing graduates with practical and applied skills” in foreign languages. The Faculty’s programs major in “business language” to cultivate business salespersons or managers with foreign language ability, “applied translation” to cultivate professional interpreters and translators, and “foreign language education” to cultivate foreign language teachers for primary and secondary schools. Drawing experience in advanced teaching ideas and curriculum desgns in other countries, the Faculty implements various curriculum models such as “foreign language + professional discipline + enterprise practicum” model, the Double Degree Model of Study Across Countries in China and Abroad, the Double Degree Model of Study across Faculties on -campus, and the Double Major Model of Study Across Academic Disciplines on campu. 

The Faculty has established international partnerships in delivering co-operative programs with many well-known universities and colleges in South Korea, Japan, Britain, the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries, and have sent more than a hundred of highly performing students every year to the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Germany for exchange programs or paid internship programs or short-term study programs.

The Faculty owns advanced teaching facilities, such as language exercise rooms, language laboratories, translation training rooms, Chinese-foreign cultural experience centers, university-enterprise cooperation training rooms, thus totaling 17 experimental teaching centers of language and culture,as well as professional resource libraries, 19 online teaching systems and internet language teaching facilities, thus having provided sufficient and diversified facilities for students’ autonomous learning and interactive learning.

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