Faculty of Architectural Engineering

Faculty of Architectural Engineering offers 5 undergraduate programs majoring in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Project Costing, Project Management, and Urban and Rural Planning. The major of Civil Engineering is listed as a specialized major for development as financially supported by the Education Department of Guangdong Provincial Government.

The Faculty has an enrolment of more than 2,500 undergraduates and 86 full-time academic staff members, of whom, there are 19 professors, 49 associate professors or senior engineers and 18 lecturers or engineers, and of whom, there are 88% of academic staff members who have doctorate or masters degrees. There are 83% of academic staff members who have both academic and professional qualifications and 42% who are nationally registered architects, builders, construction costing engineers and city planners.

The Faculty owns more than 30 on-campus laboratories, training rooms and workshops with a total area of 2,800 square meters, including the laboratories for curriculum design, architecture materials, building structure, geotechnical techology, mechanics, measuring instruments, architecture structural stimulation, and CAD, the rooms for building construction technology training, construction decoration technology training, and the workshops for project management, architectural arts, and engineering drawing. Based on the development of information technology and the concept of green construction, the Faculty has established several research centers, including Research Centers for BIM New Technology, Architecture 3D Printing Technology, Technology of Detection and Prevention Against Indoor Harmful Substances, and PYS New Technology.

The Faculty adheres to the educational principles of university-enterprise cooperation and production-education-research integration and has established close partnerships with many large and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes, design institutes and planning academies at home and abroad. The Faculty has established partnership with more than 100 enterprises and institutions in the Pearl River Delta Region for student practicum programs and employment opportunities and has set 56 off-campus bases and 21 off-campus bases for student internship or teaching purposes.

The Faculty has developed steadily growing relationships of international exchanges and cooperation with many architecture colleges in other countries, such as  the University of California (USA), the University of British Columbia (Canada), Kyung Hee University (South Korea), Hanyang University(South Korea), Hunan University (South Korea), Edith Cowan University (Australia). The Faculty runs a 2+2 international program in civil engineering in cooperation with Wellington Institute of Technology to help students who will study for two years in China and two years in New Zealand to obtain two bachelor degrees in civil engineering.

In recent years, our academic staff members have published over 100 papers on teaching research and academic research in the national core journals and provincial journals as well as more than 20 professional books or text books. A series of high-quality engineering construction projects have been completed, including 12 academic and teaching research projects financially supported by the Guangdong Provincial Government, 16 academic and teaching projects financially supported by the University, 23 academic research projects financially supported by companies and having received a total of research fund of 3 million through “vertical grands” from the university and governments and “horizontal grands” from companies. The largest and most proud project was “Construction of the Architecture Engineering Laboratory” as funded jointly by Guangdong Finance Department and Guangdong Education Department. 

The Faculty focuses on the cultivation of students to acquire new knowledge, new technology and practical abilities. Its BIM Training Center and Megadata Training Center offer students with learning and practice opportunities for their all-round development. Its students have won more than 600 various awards including gold, silver, bronze and excellence awards in architecture design competitions and other competition events of science and technology at home and abroad, of which there are more than 30 awards from the competition events organised and presented by provincial departments ministerial departments, more than 30 awards from the competition events organised and presented by municipal departments, and there are more than 100 competition works done by students, such as architectural design works (or solutions), BIM architectural modelings, bidding and construction budgets, etc., that were commercially adopted by some enterprises or social organizations. In the university’s two annual events such as“Festival of Science and Technology Innovation” and “Culture Festival”, the Faculty holds a number of diversified activities, such as large annual exhibitions of students’ excellent professional works and their graduation designs, architecture CAD contests and architectural measurement competitions,  thus displaying a full ray of the Faculty’s education achievements.

The Faculty pays great attention to employment opportunities for its graduates, and with the Faculty’s support, most of its graduates are often offered satisfying jobs in architectural field that are several times more than the number of graduates. Its graduates have strong qualities in ethics, professional skills, theoretical understanding, and highly applied and creative abilities that are most welcomed by employers, thus  the annual graduates’ employment rate exceeding 98 percent.