Faculty of Applied Economics

The Faculty of Applied Economics offers 3 undergraduate programs majoring in Finance, International Economics and Trade, and Economic Statistics. The Faculty was originated from the former Faculty of Finance and Economics with an aim to cultivate graduates with diversified and applied skills in the field of Applied Economics. The major of Finance is one of the key disciplines funded by the University. At present, there is an enrolment of 2,130 students, ranking the third in the university.

The Faculty consists of two departments: the Department of International Economics and Trade and the Department of Finance. It has 44 academic staff members (including part-time academics), of whom there are 5 professors, 4 associate professors, 4 academics with a doctoral degree, 2 academics with the title of “the Best Teachers in Guangdong Province”, 2 Academics of High Performance, and 12 middle-young-aged principal academics.

The Faculty has partnerships with a number of universities in other countries in terms of international exchanges and cooperative programs, for example, the 2+2 international program in finance in cooperation with North Alabama University and Purdue University of USA where the Faculty’s students could study 2 years in China and 2 years in USA to acquire two degrees respectively from those foreign universities and the Faculty.

Despite of a short span, the Faculty has existed with strong strengths and rich experiences in teaching, academic research and other functional areas. The major of Finance was nominated and funded by the Provincial Government as the key majoring for development in Guangdong Province. Through the joint efforts with other business faculties, the major of Business Administration was nominated as “The Pearl River Delta Urban and Rural Development Research Center” and a key consulting team by the Guangdong Provincial Social Science Branch of the Humanities and Society  approved, thus providing the Faculty with an important research platform.

In recent years, the academics of the Faculty published nearly 100 articles in various journals at home and abroad, and also several monographs, translations and teaching materials. There are more than 20 scientific and teaching research projects as approved for funding, of which four are approved for funding by departments at provincial levels and above.

The Faculty actively explores the ways to improve curricula and re-construct the modes of theorectical teaching and practicum teaching. By means of theoretical lectures, online courses,  project-based teaching, the integration of theory with practice,  forums and seminars, innovation activities, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary simulation platforms, outside-classroom practicum projects and the production-learning-research base and other various modes, the Faculty constantly improves students’ fundamental theoretical understanding, comprehensive occupational competence, and professional adaptability.  Its former graduates are widely sought-after by employers in the society.