Faculty of Accounting

The Faculty of Accounting offers three undergraduate programs majoring in Accounting, Financial Management, and Auditing. The Faculty was originated from Former Faculty of Economics and Finance and currently has an enrolment of more than 3,400 students and has more than 50 academics, of whom there are more than 70% who obtained doctorate and masters degrees and more than 80% are professors, associate professors, senior lecturers and there are also some senior professionals from partner companies. It is the largest faculty among all Faculties in the university.

To cultivate graduates of applied, compound and innovative skills, the Faculty  continues to deepen the reform of the curriculum and its teaching mode as well as that of the student services mode, to strengthen the development of academic disciplines and its associated faculty of professionals, academic staff and management team, and to improve the performance of faculty operations.

The Faculty emphasizes the undergraduate education. For several years, the number of enrolled students is on the rise while the reputation of teaching and research is also enhanced. The Faculty actively explores the various modes to cultivate graduates of the applied skills, re-designs the curriculum and its associated teaching modes and improves the practicum teaching methods in clear, comprehensive and integral way. By means of theorectical lectures, online courses, project-based teaching, the integration of theorectical teaching with practical learning, seminar forums and guess lectures, innovation activities, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary simulation platforms, outside-classroom practical projects and the integration of “production, learning and research” and so on, the Faculty constantly improves the students’ fundamental theoretical understanding, comprehensive occupational competence, professional adaptability as well as their abilities to analyze and solve problems, and their initiatives of innovation, entrepreneurship and and application.

The Faculty attaches importance to the development of off-campus learning bases for practical teaching and sound environment for internship, research and employment for the benefits of students. The Faculty has a number of main off-campus practicum bases such as Guangzhou Huijian Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhongxi Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dezheng Accounting Office, Shenzhen Deyongxin Accounting Consulting Co., Ltd., Baiyun Mintai Village Bank, Guangzhou Jinfutong Financial Enterprise Services Co., Ltd., China Mobile South Base, UF Company.

The Faculty actively promotes international academic exchanges and educational cooperation. In recent years, There have been many teachers and students who have been to the universities and colleges in the United States of America, Germany, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Britain and other countries and regions for short-term exchanges, joint research activities and further degree studies. The Faculty has brought in a number of foreign professors as the honorary professors or visiting professors. The Faculty encourages students to study abroad during their studies or  after graduation and runs a 2+2 double degree program in cooperation with Edith Cowan University, Western Australia where students could study for 2 years in China and 2 years in Australia to acquire two degrees, thus cultivating graduates with high-level of skills as well as profound intercultural communication skills and international knowledge and vision. 

The Faculty has both well-equipped hardware and software facilities, providing teachers and students with a superior environment for learning, research and practicum. “The Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Center” covers an area of 5,371 square meters and costed a total investment of 14.83 million yuan. This is the Faculty’s key center for the development of experimental teaching as well as the center for experimental teaching demonstration bu other universities in  Guangdong Province, being composed of the Economic and Management Laboratory and the Interdisciplinary, Cross-Discipline Integrated Simulation Practice Platform. The Economic and Management Laboratory accommodates 150 professional courses, 393 experimental teaching tasks for Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing, International Economics and Trade and other courses. The number of trained students in the center exceeds 5,000 every year.

The Faculty has built up a set of teaching and research departments consisting of Accounting Department, Financial Management Department, and Auditing Department. There is a Provincial Demonstration Practice Teaching Center or  Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Center, which is responsible for managing laboratories and related teaching affairs for the four faculties in the area of of economics and management in the university.

The Faculty has made greater achievements in developing academic disciplines and their associated curriculum. In recent years, with the joint efforts by Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Applied Economics, it was declared that the Business Administration program was approved as the key program being funded by the Provincial Department of Education for development, the Urban and Rural Development Research Center in the Pearl River Deltaas was approved as the key base being financed by the Provincial Society for Social Science Research on Humanities, and the Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center was approved as the Provincial Demonstration Experimental Center being funded by the Provincial Education Department.

The academics of the Faculty have made fruitful academic research achievements. In recent years, they have published nearly 150 articles in various journals at home and abroad as well as several monographs, translations and teaching materials. There are more than 20 completed and approved scientific and teaching research programs, of which more than 10 are at provincial levels. The research results have been awarded by the relevant departments of the province, cities, districts and the university for more than once, and some of the results have found applied uses in practical environment and have been recognized by the communities. Over many years, the Faculty’s graduates employment rate exceeds 97%.

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