About Us

The College of Media is a dynamic and innovative institution, originally established as the New Media College in 2016 and officially becoming an independent college in May 2020. Currently, it offers five majors: Animation, Broadcasting and Hosting Art, Digital Media Art, Radio and Television Directing, Acting, and Network and New Media. The college comprises three departments: the Broadcasting, Hosting, and Acting Department, the Converged Media and Film Department, and the Digital Media and Animation Department, as well as the Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and the Media Convergence Experimental Teaching Center (a provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration center).

The college boasts superior educational conditions. The Media Convergence Experimental Teaching Center features 36 experimental and training rooms, including a one-stop virtual studio for converged media, a panoramic news studio, a full-color walking and broadcasting studio, a radio studio, a recording studio, an acting studio, a makeup and styling room, a nonlinear editing room, a 3D animation laboratory, and a digital media laboratory. Additionally, the college has established over 100 off-campus practical teaching bases with enterprises such as China Hengdian Film and Television City, Wango Film Group, Guangdong Radio and Television Station, Pearl River Film and Media Co., Ltd., Southern Film and Media, Er'geng Media, Guangdong Theater, Xinyin Institute, Southern Film Center, Alpha Animation, and Weicai Education. Together, they have built the All-Media Industry College and the Digital Creativity Industry College.

The college has a multidisciplinary faculty team. Currently, there are 65 full-time professional teachers, including 6 with senior professional titles, 8 with associate senior professional titles, and 5 with doctoral degrees. Most of the teachers have worked in national or provincial media and have overseas study experience, giving them a distinct "dual-qualified" and "internationalized" background advantage. In addition, more than 20 enterprise teachers have been hired. The teachers have won 19 provincial and above awards, including the Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, Young Teacher Teaching Skills Competition, Aesthetic Education Teaching Basic Skills Competition, Excellent Cases of Curriculum Ideology and Politics, and Excellent Cases of Aesthetic Education Teaching Reform.

The College of Media is committed to cultivating applied and compound high-quality media talents who possess disciplinary expertise, multiple cutting-edge and high-end professional abilities, as well as a sense of national responsibility, healthy personality, international vision, craftsmanship, and innovation ability. With over 1,800 undergraduate students currently enrolled, the college boasts a graduation employment rate and job relevance rate of over 95%, ranking among the top in similar universities in Guangdong Province. Students have won more than 500 awards at various national and provincial competitions, including the National College Student Dubbing Art Festival, the National College Art Exhibition and "Reading China" Activity, the Chinese College Student Advertising Art Competition, the "Longding Award" National 3D Digital Innovation Competition, the "Future Designer" National Digital Creativity Competition, the National College Digital Media Science and Technology Works and Creativity Competition, Milan Design Week - Chinese University Teachers and Students Excellent Design Works Exhibition, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area School Design Works Exhibition and Guangdong University Design Works College Award Biennial Exhibition, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area College Student Art Festival, South Guangdong Campus Chinese Classics Recitation Culture and Art Festival, Guangdong College Student Art Exhibition, and Guangdong Excellent Online Short Video Selection Competition.

As a pivotal force in campus culture construction, the College of Media has undertaken various large-scale events such as the special art performance "My Country and I" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The college organizes and plans to participate in various national and provincial large-scale professional competitions. For example, it hosted the 14th Guangdong Provincial Hosting Competition in 2019 and won seven major awards. In 2020, during the epidemic, Baiyun students' "cloud recitation" works were broadcast on provincial TV stations and received a strong response, winning the "Network Popularity Award." Since 2021, the college has hosted the Guangdong Baiyun University Micro-Film Festival and other video festivals for three consecutive years, receiving blessings from various sectors of society, including the China Film Association, and coverage from multiple media outlets.