About Us

The College of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering (formerly known as the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) is a key engineering college under construction at Guangdong Baiyun University. The college actively grasps the development direction of new productive forces, optimizes discipline and major settings, and adds disciplines and majors related to new technologies, industries, and formats. It mainly targets the fields of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, and smart cars in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Pearl River Delta region, aiming to cultivate high-quality compound and applied talents adapted to strategic emerging industries and future development. The college currently offers five undergraduate majors: Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, and Vehicle Engineering (New Energy Vehicles), with nearly 2,000 students enrolled.

The college possesses the Guangdong Provincial Key Cultivation Discipline - Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, as well as the Guangdong Provincial First-Class Major, Guangdong Provincial Applied Demonstration Major for Ordinary Colleges and Universities, and IEET Engineering Accreditation Major - Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation. Additionally, it hosts the Guangdong Provincial Key Scientific Research Platform - Guangdong Provincial Research Center for Fresh Vegetable Preservation and Packaging Equipment Engineering, Guangdong Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Industry College, and the Key Scientific Research Platform of Guangdong Baiyun University - Smart Packaging Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center. In recent years, the college has undertaken over 200 projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, enterprise horizontal research projects, and school-level teaching and research projects. It has applied for more than 100 national invention patents and utility model patents, of which over 30 have been authorized. Moreover, the college has published more than 150 high-level papers.

The college boasts the Guangdong Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Collaborative Education Base, Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Experimental Teaching Center, Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Experimental Teaching Center, Guangdong Provincial Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, Guangdong Provincial Automotive Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, and three provincial off-campus internship bases for college students. The college continuously deepens the integration of industry and education, collaborating with enterprises to educate students. It has established the "Guangdong Baiyun University - Beijing Jingdiao Engineering Practice Education Base" with Guangdong Borunte Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jingdiao Technology Co., Ltd. It has also engaged in production, academic, and research projects with Taiwan's Total Technology Co., Ltd. Additionally, the college has partnered with over 20 enterprises, including Baiyun Electric Group and Xinbao Electric Co., Ltd., to establish the "Intelligent Manufacturing Applied Talents Collaborative Education Base," providing students with high-quality practical bases for production internships, graduation internships, graduation designs, and employment. The college currently possesses over 2,000 teaching and research equipment with a total asset value of more than 80 million yuan, and an on-campus experimental and training area covering over 10,000 square meters.

In the past three years, the college has had 10 college student innovation and entrepreneurship teams, and an off-campus innovation and entrepreneurship education practice base. These teams have achieved impressive results in various scientific and technological competitions such as the Internet + International Innovation Competition. Students have actively applied for and obtained authorization for invention patents and utility model patents, accumulating over 200 national and provincial awards. This fully demonstrates the innovative spirit of Baiyun students, who dare to be the first, are good at studying, and have the courage to surpass themselves.

The college currently has 56 full-time teachers, including 23 professors and associate professors, 8 with doctoral degrees, and over 70% of teachers holding master's degrees or above. More than 60% of the teachers possess "dual-qualified" qualities. Among the teachers, there are 5 doctoral supervisors and master's supervisors, 8 young and middle-aged key teachers, national advanced workers (model workers), national model teachers, national "May 1st" medal winners, outstanding teachers in Guangdong, outstanding private teachers in the province, national technical experts, Guangdong technical experts, and winners of the third prize in the Guangdong Youth Teacher Teaching Competition. Through talent introduction and teacher integration, a solid, experienced, and reasonably structured teaching team has been established.