About Us

The College of Electrical and Information Engineering stands as one of the pivotal engineering colleges under development in our institution. The college boasts a comprehensive array of 45 teaching and practice facilities, encompassing the school-level key discipline of Control Science and Engineering, the New Information Technology Industry College, the Electrical and Electronic Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, the Intelligent Control Engineering Technology Research Center, and the China Mobile Laboratory. Additionally, it maintains 132 off-campus internship bases, collaborating with renowned enterprises such as Southern Power Grid, Midea Group, Baiyun Electric Group, Gree Electric Group, and China Mobile, to guarantee students' internship opportunities and full employment prospects.

Positioned to foster compound and applied talents in electrical information, the college has established specialized groups in robotics and new information technology. It offers six undergraduate majors, including Electronic Information Engineering (designated as a provincial first-class major), Communication Engineering, Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation (recognized as a provincial characteristic major), Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System, and Artificial Intelligence. With over 2,500 students currently enrolled, the college has nurtured over 10,000 electrical information engineering talents.

Guided by the OBE teaching philosophy, the college has devised a comprehensive training program that emphasizes "solid foundations, innovation, hands-on practice, and application proficiency." This approach highlights a balanced teaching process that integrates theory and practice, a school-enterprise collaborative education model that integrates production, learning, research, and application, and the cultivation of entrepreneurial and innovative abilities. The college boasts a robust faculty of over 100 full-time teachers, comprising 6 professors, 31 associate professors, 7 PhDs, 6 master's supervisors, and 12 young and mid-career backbone teachers. The college also employs a contingent of part-time teachers from industry, creating optimal conditions for cultivating applied talents. Notably, six teachers have garnered second and third prizes in various national and provincial youth teacher teaching competitions. Furthermore, the college has attracted a group of senior engineers with extensive engineering experience from prestigious companies like Huawei and ZTE, forming a high-caliber teaching team with a balanced structure.

In the past three years, the college has successfully completed 47 school-level teaching and research projects and 21 provincial teaching and research projects. It has published over 200 academic papers in prominent domestic and international journals, officially released more than 10 monographs and textbooks, established or completed 25 horizontal projects, and secured 35 patents.

In competitive arenas, the college has achieved remarkable results, winning 5 national first prizes, 12 second prizes, and 15 third prizes, along with 24 provincial first prizes, 42 second prizes, and 50 third prizes in esteemed competitions such as the Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Blue Bridge Cup, and Challenge Cup. Graduates are highly sought after by enterprises, maintaining an employment rate of over 96.5% in the past three years.