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The College of Foreign Studies at Guangdong Baiyun University boasts a rich history spanning nearly three decades. It offers five undergraduate majors: English, Business English, Japanese, German, and Korean, and is responsible for foreign language instruction across the university, enrolling over 1,000 undergraduate students annually.

Adhering to the principle of cultivating virtue and talent, coupled with a student-centric approach, the college has established diverse curriculum systems such as cross-border e-commerce live streaming (multilingual) micro-majors, international business micro-majors, minors, Sino-foreign double degrees, and foreign graduate education programs. Its professional courses are designed based on the OBE (Outcome-Based Education) philosophy, with a focus on fostering professional and applied foreign language talents.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and rich resources, the college's teaching building boasts an elegant environment. It features a cross-border e-commerce multilingual live broadcast studio, three simultaneous interpretation rooms, 37 language labs, two smart foreign language training rooms, two business training rooms, 12 sets of online teaching platforms, a library housing over 150,000 books, extensive online resources, and nearly 100 online courses.

Driven by an internationalization strategy, the college regularly hires foreign teachers from countries like the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. It has also forged international exchange agreements with over ten renowned foreign universities, enabling a significant number of students to participate in exchange programs, studies, paid internships, double degree programs, or master's degrees at these institutions annually.

Embracing "school-enterprise collaborative education," the college continuously refines various cooperation models, including "work-study integration," "3+1" collaborative education, and the "four-mentor system" (combining enterprise, ideology and politics, profession, and occupation mentors). It has established comprehensive practice/internship bases with over 50 enterprises.

The college boasts a formidable faculty, comprising 11 professors (6 with doctoral or master's supervision qualifications), 19 associate professors, and 73 lecturers. Ten teachers hold doctoral degrees, and 86% of the faculty possess master's degrees or higher. Forty percent of the teachers have international study or work experience. Additionally, over 30 renowned corporate executives and interpreters are regularly engaged as adjunct professors and corporate mentors for students. More than 40 teachers have been recognized with provincial, municipal, and university-level teaching honors.

In terms of research, the college has achieved remarkable accomplishments. In recent years, it has undertaken over 50 national and provincial research projects, more than 90 major horizontal projects, and secured 6 national software copyrights. It has won over 20 provincial and higher-level teaching achievement awards, published over 480 papers in CSSCI, top foreign retrieval categories, and other academic journals, 9 monographs, over 60 textbooks, more than 100 translations/articles, and over 70 teaching reference books. The college has translated over 20 million words of business, science, technology, engineering, and other applied documents, and completed more than 200 interpretation sessions.

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