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The College of Education boasts a development history of nearly 20 years. Originating from the Basic Teaching Department of Guangdong Baiyun College in 2005, it underwent several transformations, becoming the General Education College in 2017, the Education and Sports College in 2019, and finally, officially establishing itself as the College of Education in June 2021. In April 2023, the Department of Applied Psychology was integrated into the College of Education. Currently, the college comprises the Departments of Preschool Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Applied Psychology, and Primary Education, along with an advanced mathematics teaching and research section. The college is responsible for the comprehensive development of undergraduate programs in applied preschool education, Chinese language and literature, applied psychology, primary education professional talent training, and general education courses such as mathematics and practical writing for the entire institution.

Adhering to the party's educational policies, the college's talent training philosophy integrates national and international standards, emphasizing both theoretical foundations and practical abilities, balancing software and hardware construction, and fostering both professional and general education. In recent years, the college has expanded its international horizons, engaging in fruitful Sino-foreign cooperation projects with institutions like the University of North Alabama and the University of Wales, London. It has also forged campus-enterprise partnerships for industry-education integration, collaborating with numerous high-end kindergartens in Shenzhen, Meizhou, Guangzhou, and beyond to establish industrial colleges. Additionally, it has collaborated with institutions like Peili Education Consulting Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Ruibao Special Children's Psychological Development Center to enhance students' professional qualities through practical teaching experiences.

The college has established various training facilities, including two art training rooms, an infant hygiene training room, an infant care training room, two digital piano training rooms, 33 individual piano rooms, a mathematical modeling training room, an Orff music training room, a Montessori training room, an early childhood education activity room, a STEAM training room, dance and body training rooms, two group counseling training rooms, a psychological counseling training room, two sand table training rooms, an applied clinical psychology laboratory, two basic psychology laboratories, and a psychological statistics and evaluation laboratory. Furthermore, plans are underway to construct two comprehensive writing training rooms, an art training room, and a children's health training room in 2023. Management regulations have been established for these training rooms, ensuring the unity of authorities and responsibilities, with specific individuals assigned to oversee each facility.

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