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The College of Business Administration offers six undergraduate majors, encompassing Business Administration, Marketing, Cross-border E-commerce, Logistics Management, Human Resource Management, and Social Work. The Business Administration discipline stands as a key discipline under cultivation and construction in Guangdong Province, while Enterprise Management is a key secondary discipline under construction at our institution. Both Business Administration and Human Resource Management are specialty majors recognized in Guangdong Province. The Logistics Management major serves as a pilot major for applied comprehensive reform in the province and was approved as a provincial first-class undergraduate major construction site in 2021. Business Administration and Marketing are designated as school-enterprise collaborative education demonstration majors, while Social Work is a school-level key discipline construction site. Additionally, the school-level key scientific research platform, the "Pearl River Delta Regional Logistics Research Center," is among the industry-university-research bases of the China Logistics Society. The "Pearl River Delta Urban and Rural Overall Planning and Social Governance Research Center" functions as a decision-making consultation and research base for the Guangdong Provincial Social Science Federation.

Aspiring to become a nationally leading cradle for fostering applied management talents, the College of Business Administration aims to cultivate high-end applied management talents to serve the economic and social development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Adhering to the LIKE values of Love, Innovation, Knowledge, and Entrepreneurship, the college has formulated and implemented a SMART talent cultivation target system for business studies. This system strives to cultivate high-end applied management talents armed with Specialty Knowledge, Mastered Business-wisdom, Acquired Capacities, Reflected Thinking, and Technology Application.

With over 4,000 students, the college boasts a robust faculty comprising more than 130 full-time teachers, including 28 professors and associate professors, 9 PhDs, over 30 dual-qualified teachers, and more than 90 corporate mentors.

The college emphasizes the dual development of theoretical learning and professional practical abilities. Its Digital Intelligence Business Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Center encompasses highly simulated on-campus practical teaching platforms tailored to various majors, such as Business Administration, E-commerce, Smart Logistics, Smart Business Experimental Teaching Center, Human Resources Comprehensive Laboratory, Human Resources Simulation Laboratory, Human Resources Quality Assessment and Statistics Laboratory, and a next-generation Social Work TRP Integration Laboratory. The center is equipped with over 50 sets of teaching simulation and industry software.

Adopting a school-enterprise collaborative education model, the college collaborates with over 600 enterprises, including Alibaba, SF Express, Blue Moon, and Guangzhou Restaurant, to jointly foster talents. The quality of talent cultivation remains highly competitive among similar institutions.

Pursuing an internationalization strategy, the college engages in international cooperation and introduces high-quality foreign higher education resources. It collaborates with several renowned foreign universities, offering diverse cooperation projects such as course credit recognition, double bachelor's degrees, integrated undergraduate and master's programs, Sino-foreign exchanges, advanced studies, academic exchanges, and more.

Focused on cultivating students' comprehensive qualities, the college has been recognized as one of the first innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration centers for college students. Students have achieved remarkable awards in academic and sports competitions, winning over 100 national and provincial competition honors. Graduates are highly qualified, enjoy a high employment rate, and receive high evaluations from employers.

The College of Business Administration boasts a dynamic and experienced teaching staff, currently comprising 134 faculty and staff members. Its subunits include the Department of Business Administration, Marketing Department, Logistics Management Department, Human Resource Management Department, Social Work Department, and Digital Intelligence Business Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Center. The teaching staff exhibits a reasonable structure in terms of academic qualifications, professional titles, and academic affiliations. Among them, 78 teachers hold senior professional titles such as professors, associate professors, and senior economists, as well as advanced professional qualifications such as corporate human resource managers, marketing specialists, and logistics specialists. Over 96% of teachers possess master's degrees or higher, and more than 43% exhibit "dual-qualified" teacher qualities. The faculty includes national model teachers, outstanding teachers from Nanyue, and outstanding private teachers from the province. The college also recruits outstanding talents from enterprises as adjunct professors and corporate mentors.

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