Jiwenbo College of International Fashion Design Students Shine at University Student Fashion Week

On the evening of May 30th, the finals of the “Guangzhou International Textile City Cup” 2024 Guangdong University Student Excellent Fashion Design Competition took place at Guangzhou International Textile City. This prestigious event was jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Clothing Industry Association, Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, and Guangzhou International Textile City, under the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. Xu Xiaoqi, a student from Jiwenbo College of International Fashion Design, clinched the sole “Gold Award” in the undergraduate category with her design, “Silk Road Dream.” Her creation stood out amongst entries from 13 other undergraduate institutions. Additionally, her mentor, Liu Hubin, was honored with the “Excellent Mentor Award.”

Themed “The Bridge to Realize Dreams,” the 2024 China (Guangdong) University Student Fashion Week showcased over a thousand emerging designers from 28 Guangdong fashion institutions. Spanning 12 days, the event presented thousands of fashion ensembles, making the young designers the brightest stars of the Fashion Week.

The finals judging panel comprised esteemed industry experts, led by Liu Yang, the Lifetime Honorary President of the Guangdong Fashion Designers Association and a recipient of the China Fashion Designers “Golden Top Award.” Other panel members included Li Xiaoyan, President of the Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, along with several other “Golden Top Award” winners: Liu Yong, Artistic Director of Yonghui Clothing Culture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Zhang Yichao, founder of the is.chao designer brand, and Mao Baobao, General Manager of Shenzhen Xinkou Clothing Co., Ltd.

Jiwenbo College of International Fashion Design has consistently participated in both Beijing’s China (International) University Student Fashion Week and Guangzhou’s China (Guangdong) University Student Fashion Week. Through these premier fashion events, the college strives to gain a profound understanding of fashion design higher education across the province and nationally. This engagement aims to foster educational reforms and propel its design curriculum to greater heights, striving for excellence in the new era of fashion education. The emerging generation of post-2000 designers from Jiwenbo College of International Fashion Design is undoubtedly poised to forge new legends for China's fashion industry.

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