About Us

Founded in 2015, the International College, jointly with the International Exchange Office and the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office, is the main undertaker of Guangdong Baiyun College in implementing the internationalization leading strategy and international education projects. With more than 20 universities in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan, China, the International College has jointly carried out 37 Chinese foreign double degree programs, 6 exchange student programs, and 7 overseas internship practice exchange programs, with a total of 654 students sent; Since 2015, the Sino foreign credit mutual recognition program has been continuously launched, with a total of 167 students currently enrolled. Several graduates have successfully enrolled or obtained master's degrees from prestigious foreign universities, or have been employed in domestic and foreign enterprises.

The International College currently has 9 faculty members, of which 7 hold doctoral or master's degrees (accounting for about 78%), and 5 have overseas study or work experience (accounting for about 56%). Their majors include English Language and Literature, Education, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TESOL), Chinese International Education, Computer Information Management, Business Information Technology, etc.

The International College has a strong international teaching team: firstly, the IELTS teaching team (including foreign teachers), responsible for the construction of English course groups and teaching tasks, continuously improving the English language level of project class students through a series of courses such as "Fundamentals of International Business English", "Cross Cultural Communication (All in English)" and "International Academic English" listening, speaking, reading, and writing, for three academic years (six semesters) without interruption, stratified and classified; The second is an all English/bilingual teaching team, consisting of outstanding "overseas returnee" teachers from relevant majors such as College of Business Administration, College of Accounting, College of Applied Economics, and College of Big Data and Computer Science to undertake the construction and teaching tasks of the professional core course group. The main method of bilingual teaching is to use original English textbooks (photocopies from domestic publishing houses) to continuously cultivate the professional English listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities required for students in the project class to be admitted to foreign universities; The third is a team of foreign experts, consisting of high-level teachers appointed by foreign cooperative universities to teach in China according to project agreements and expert level foreign scholars specially invited by our university to exchange ideas in China. They participate in talent cultivation work through centralized teaching, academic lectures, and other means.

The International College also has "Language Training Center," "PTE Examination Center," and "Study Abroad Service Center," providing a full chain of high-quality services such as admission application, language training, English exams, visa assistance, and overseas university admission reception for students who are interested in studying abroad for further studies.

The International College actively introduces high-quality educational resources from prestigious foreign universities such as University of Technology Sydney to establish international docking programs. Based on international educational concepts, curriculum systems, teaching content, and teaching models, it formulates talent training programs that comply with international standards and norms, and forms an all English/bilingual teaching team and IELTS training team with educational backgrounds from overseas prestigious universities. This aims to cultivate composite and applied international high-quality talents with patriotism, international perspective, and innovative consciousness for the economic and social development of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area in the new era, who systematically master professional theoretical knowledge and practical skills, possess strong cross-cultural communication ability, global competence, and self-development ability.

Since 2024, the International College has collaborated with University of Technology Sydney (one of the top 100 five-star universities in the world) to launch a credit mutual recognition and undergraduate master's program. Students who meet the graduation and degree granting conditions of both universities during their study period will receive a bachelor's degree from Guangdong Baiyun College, a bachelor's degree, and a master's degree in related majors from the University of Science and Technology Sydney.

Enrollment majors for 2024

1. Business Administration (Credit Mutual Recognition between China and Foreign Countries, Undergraduate and Master's Program) [Connect to pursue a Master's degree in Accounting or Finance at University of Technology Sydney]

2. Computer Science and Technology (Credit Mutual Recognition between China and Foreign Countries, Undergraduate and Master's Program) [Jointly pursuing a Master's degree in Information Technology or Data Science and Innovation at University of Technology Sydney]

*Note: University of Technology Sydney was founded in 1843 and is located in the center of Sydney, Australia. It is a public research university certified by AACSB and ranked 88th in the QS World University Rankings from 2024 to 2025. It has been rated as a five-star university in the world; Its information technology, data science and innovation, accounting, and finance are all advantageous brand majors in the top 100 of the 2024 QS World University Professional Rankings. Computer science and engineering ranks 17th globally and 1st in Australia in the world first-class discipline ranking of software science.