Japanese Teaching Position for Guangdong Baiyun University

Applicants need to be:

1. Native Japanese speakers

2. Bachelor Degree or above

3. Holding teaching certificates in the language to be taught.

4. Minimum five-year teaching experience.

5. Meet all the conditions for working visa and foreign certification in China.

6. Younger than 60 years old, loves Japanese teaching and has a serious and responsible attitude.

Job Description:

1. Workload: An average of 18 teaching hours per week, 72 teaching hours in 4 weeks, and 90 teaching hours in 5 weeks. (If exceeded will be paid as overtime)

2. Work responsibility: To teach Japanese courses to undergraduate students, Exercise the duties of teachers of the secondary college, and participate in academic and non-academic activities with other teachers.


Foreign teachers are entitled to enjoy the benefits under the relevant policy of Guangdong Baiyun University.


Accommodation could be provided upon request.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and scanned files of your passport, diplomas and teaching certificates to the following exam address: